chizuchizu's memo

I launched my blog.



I launched my blog.
I wanted it to be it to be easily maintanable.

I aimed to minimize the source code and reducing dependency on numerous packages.

To achieve this, I chose Astro as a main web framework and Tailwind CSS as a CSS framework.
Astro is a new static site generator, designed to boost website performance.

These frameworks are widely well-known,
Both frameworks are so common that I can reach many articles or solutions on the Internet about them.

Keys Features

Markdown support

For content rendering, I chose the zenn-markdown-html.
This allows me to transform Markdown into HTML, enabling me to mimic the style of articles on Zenn.

Zenn's apperance is popular and user-friendly amoung Japanese engineers.

To know the markdown syntax defined by Zenn, please refer to this artile

Color Scheme

The color scheme of the blog is very critical aspect.
I chose gruvbox, a retro groove color palette originally created for Vim.

I use gruvbox in my terminal, and its charming, nostalgic design.

How to manage content

Create a markdown file in specified directory (e.g. src/content/blog/)
The headers are set as follows:

title: "I started hosting a blog."
tags: ["tech"]
date: "2024-01-13"

Hello World!


Finally, I reffered to this article to make this blog a reality. I'm grateful for it.